Upcoming & Current work 

Filming for The Ponysitters Club

Diana plays the recurring role of Bianca in this new children's TV series created by Brain Power  Studios. The show was launched on Netflix Worldwide August 10th 2018. A feature film will be following.

After The Storm - feature film

Diana played the role of Paige in After The Storm.


The shoot wrapped in September 2018 and is in post production. Release date is set for 8th June 2019 and will air on UP TV. It will be available in stores on 2nd July 2019. 

                                                              Based on a Harelquin novel... "Love will always overcome".

After The Storm

A Christmas Village - feature film

Diana played the role of Millie Milton in A Christmas Village.



The film is now available on Amazon Prime in the USA.  

To save her PR reputation, Piper agrees to work for the owner of a failing Santa's Village and discovers how magical Christmas is after all.

A Christmas Village

Fear Thy Neighbor

Diana played the role of Patricia Hack in Season 05 Episode 09 of Fear Thy Neighbor. The episode is entitled Dead Men Tell No Tales. Filming took place in Ancaster in mid November 2017, and Season 5 can be seen on Investigation Discovery. 

Whistleblower short film being pitched to festivals

Diana was cast as the councillor Ms. Vescera in this short film dealing with the effects of bullying. The film has been entered in to the festival circuit, with showings scheduled for September. 

Zorga short film in post-production

Diana was cast as Lily in this short Sci-fi film. More details to follow.

Couple-ish Series 02 is currently being aired on YouTube

Couple-ish Series 02 launched on April 29th 2017 on You Tube. Episodes air Saturdays at 5pm EST. Diana's character Jamie appears in Episodes 3, 4, 8, 10 & 11.

Couple-ish Season 02 poster

Couple-ish web series - Season 01 launched December 9th 2015 on YouTube. Season 02 airs from April 29th 2017.

Diana played the supporting role of Jamie, in this LGBTQ-friendly web series Couple-ish, starring Kaitlyn Alexander and Sharon Belle of Carmilla fame.


Click on the poster above to view the web channel on YouTube, or watch an episode here. 

Feature Film created by Brain Power Studios released on

Christmas Castle

Diana was cast as a supporting role in a new feature film, entitled Christmas Castle. The shoot took place before Christmas 2016. Diana played the role of Holly, Santa's highly strung, super organised and no nonsense secretary. The film is now available for purchase on Amazon Prime UK.

Based on L. Frank Baum’s Christmas tales, Santa’s Castle recounts the story of how one Christmas all was not well in Laughing Valley. While a collection of mythical creatures help Santa prepare for his big night, the demons of the caves are plotting to derail Christmas as the world knows it. They are successful in kidnapping Santa on his biggest night of the year. Santa’s loyal team bands together to carry out present delivery and track down Santa. Led by our hero, Whisk, Santa is saved and peace is restored just as the world is waking up.

Paranormal Witness - Series 5, Episode 07 "The Nebraska Fiend"

* * * America on Syfy: WEDNESDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2016 * * *

   * * * Canada on Space: THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2016 * * *

Syfy Logo
Syfy Logo

Diana played the lead role of Danielle Pracht in this episode scheduled for release on September 14th 2016 on Syfy (America) and October 13th 2016 on Space (Canada). The episode was directed by Sebastian Smith, and the shoot ran from 14th - 20th June 2016.

Paranormal Witness Promo Shot - S05 E07
Paranormal Witness - where to watch

Kearney County, Nebraska may seem idyllic, but it was once the hunting ground of a notorious serial killer ... who may now be in the possession business! Find out more in Episode 7: "Nebraska Fiend" 

In the Press, Reviews & Testimonials

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - The LOT:

"Rebecca Hergett, Diana Chrisman, and Angelica Thompson also deserve mention for their musical talent and versatility, each playing a variety of characters throughout the show." - Jeff Kerr, Mooney on Theatre. 

“There is great joy to be had in watching Diana Chrisman switch from earth mother to sex-crazed girl in the back to even a refugee reporter from Mary Poppins next door.” – Drew Rowsome

Deadmouse - The Musical (Voted by Now Magazine for Outstanding Direction and Ensemble in 2015 Toronto Fringe) on CP24. Click the photo below to see the interview and promotional trailer for the show:

Deadmouse - The Musical

"The very talented Diana Chrisman and Kati Pearson, in multiple supporting roles, also contributed greatly to the fun and enjoyment of this wildly entertaining show." - Mitch Wolfe, Fringe Binge Review

The Great British Soap Opera - Jermyn Street Theatre, London & The Edinburgh Fringe:

“The songs and script spring vividly to life through a collection of top-notch performances from the small ensemble cast: Diana Chrisman is  deliciously sexy as the snobbish new soap starlet Sophie… each individual performance oozes with class and the vocals soar throughout.” ***** –



“The star of the show is undoubtedly Philippa Buxton as Jenny, Queen Bee of Victoria Street until newcomer Sophie arrives; a wonderfully amusing turn from Diana Chrisman, looking rather like Samantha Janus!... The chemistry between all six is fantastic and all work really hard to achieve a constant level of comedy within storytelling throughout the piece.” ****– broadway baby


“The cast are all terrific.” – The Scotsman

CHAT - The Internet Musical - Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

“Diana Chrisman gives a top class performance.” –

The Marilyn Monroe Show - Brighton Fringe Festival:  

“Diana Chrisman playing the young Norma Jean constantly amazed the audience with flawless character and beautiful voice.” – Simon Stokes,

Enchanted The Musical - Pontefract Festival:

"The cast's talents were huge. All the leads' voices were fabulous, especially Diana Chrisman who gave a very moving performance as Guinevere." - Sally Atkinson, Pontefract & Castleford Express

February 5, 2019

Diana spent the day in the recording studio, laying down vocals for a new Canadian musical. More details to follow. 

December 28, 2018

Brain Power Studio will be releasing a full length feature film as part of the Ponysitter's Club series in 2019. Watch this space for more details on release date etc. 

December 7, 2018

Diana was on set filming for a new Christmas movie entitled Baby in a Manger. Diana had a supporting role in this film, playing Candace, the foster home mom. 

November 23, 2018

Diana played the 80s mom in the flashback in this Christmas commercial, making cookies with her daughter as a family tradition. 

November 11, 2018

A Christmas Village is now available on Amazon Prime in the USA. Diana played the overly friendly Bed & Breakfast owner Millie Milton in this heartwarming and funny Christmas film. 

November 11, 2018

Diana played a crazed lottery winner in this comedic commercial for Interstate Batteries. 

October 21, 2018

The next block of filming has resumed for Ponysitter's Club. Diana is enjoying bringing Bianca back to life again! 

October 16, 2018

Diana has been busy filming 3 commercials in the last 3 weeks. Links to follow once they air. 

August 30, 2018

Diana wrapped on the Harlequin film: After The Storm today. The feature film is being produced by Brain Power Studio and directed by Emma Sutherland. Diana plays the role of Paige, the lead's best friend in this Romantic Drama. 

August 5, 2018

Ponysitter's Club will be released on Netflix Worldwide on August 10th. Diana plays the larger-than-life character of Bianca on this heartwarming kids show. 

August 3, 2018

Diana plays the best friend Paige of the lead girl in this Harlequin film entitled After The Storm. The film is a romance/drama and follows 2 people falling in love in the aftermath of a terrible storm devastating their home town. The shoot will take place during Augus...

July 28, 2018

Diana is using her home studio to record e-learning scripts for a client in the UK

July 4, 2018

Diana voiced Moppet the Mouse for this kid's show trailer, at the moment in it's concept stages. The story is based on Beatrix Potter's early life, and is entitled: Beatrix & Peter

June 25, 2018

Diana will be taking part in the RealHeART Live Script Read of the Feature Film: 'Red Light'. The read will take place at 11am on July 3rd. Click on the information here for more details and tickets:

June 22, 2018

Diana voiced a character in a new Playstation game set for release later this year. The character was a woman who was part of a tribe (The 'Kimanes') on a foreign planet. 

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