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Animation Demo

Animation voiceover demo showing a variety of characters from video games, and animation work. 

Commercial Voiceover Reel - Diana Chrisman

You vs. Train - Network Rail PSA

Diana voiced the Mum in this hard-hitting PSA to deter kids from playing on the train tracks. 

Cisco X-sell (tech read)

An informative educational tone for this tech read for Cisco X-sell.

The Moth & The Tree - Commercial

The Moth & The Tree is a collaborative beauty art project between Dale Sood and beauty/fashion photographer Billie Chiasson. 

Generali - Secrets to Living a Long Life

Diana recorded this voiceover in early 2018.

Technicolor (explainer video)

An educational and informative read for Technicolor.

General 'on hold' loop for Lumidesign, Canada's leading backlit mirror manufacturer. Warm and informative tone with RP British accent. 

Fit Feet Commercial voiceover

Informative tone over a comical advertisement for a Fit Feet product (also featuring Diana on screen as the 'average' woman in this commercial!)

Ever After Music Festival Promotion

Voiceover for this music festival promotional video. 

Ever After Festival Teaser Trailer 2017

Teaser Trailer - Voiceover tag lines at approx 1:00 in

Home Studio recording for Inspire Music & Entertainment Productions - Cinderella inspired marching band piece arranged by Frank Sullivan. (Character voices doctored in post).

The voice of 'precision' juxtaposed with an excitable North American for this commercial for Mazda SKYACTIV Technology

Onboard internal advertisement for Celebrity Cruises guests.

The Boys' School Girls by Lil Chase.

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